Notification duty

In order to ensure that the entry in the register of advisers is always up-to-date, all changes must be reported to the Register of advisers on an ongoing basis by means of a change notification form (Art. 32 Para. 2 FinSA).

Pursuant to Art. 41 para. 1 FinSO, report within 14 days must be made for:

  • any change in name;
  • any change in the name or address of the financial service provider;
  • any change in their function and position within the organisation;
  • any change in their areas of activity;
  • basic training and continuing professional development completed;
  • any change in ombudsman's office;
  • full or partial termination of professional indemnity insurance cover;
  • termination of the activity as a client adviser;
  • convictions for criminal offences under the financial market acts in
    accordance with Art. 1 of the Financial Market Supervision Act (FINMASA) or for criminal offences against property under Art. 137–172ter of the Swiss Criminal Code;
  • a prohibition imposed on them from performing an activity in accordance with Art. 33a FINMASA or a prohibition from practising a profession in accordance with Art. 33 FINMASA;
  • comparable convictions or judgements of foreign authorities.

If a client adviser doesn't meet the conditions, his or her entry in the Register will be deleted and is subject to costs.

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