Registration in the Register of Advisers must be renewed every 24 months by submitting a renewal application (Art. 41 Para. 2 FinSO). Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the entry in the Register and is subject to costs.

As part of the renewals, client advisers must confirm that:

  • they continue to meet the requirements for initial registration (including valid professional liability insurance, no relevant criminal record entries, etc.), and
  • they have completed a recurrent training in relation to the FinSA rules of conduct in the last 24 months (by submitting a certificate of the recurrent training).

If there have been any changes to the information provided by the client advisers in the Register, these must be stated in the renewal application.

The Renewal application can be submitted by downloading the PDF application form and send it us together with the required attachments per mail or electronically to one of our RegFix branch offices (via mail to

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